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Instant Gratification Station

This is, in a way, an add-on to my other post. Check that one out, if you haven’t already. I think I’ve mentioned instant gratification briefly in my other post but I’ve recently noticed how bad it can actually get.

Motivational issues are nothing new to anybody I would think. It’s just one of these days where you feel kinda “meh” about the things you have to do and procrastinate on them by doing other things. Yeah, that’s what your day usually looks like, if you’re procrastinator. However, I have these days where I go and procrastinate on things that I actually want to do by doing other things that I also like but do everyday anyway.

There are exactly two reactions that one gets when they describe this issue to someone else. It’s either “oh, yeah, I do that too” or “eeeeeh….what?”. Let me explain it to the ones that had the second reaction while reading this: This means that I want to, for example, play a video game sometime during the day and I have the free time to do so but I end up being on my phone instead (like being on Pinterest for ages, anyone else?) until it’s too late to actually still play said video game and I end up being salty because I didn’t get to do the thing that I actually wanted to do…. Aka. I didn’t have “proper freetime” because being on my phone is something I do every single day anyway, like that doesn’t count as freetime, what are you talking about?

Or to give you another example: I will sit there and watch a movie that I haven’t seen before and I am actually curious to know what will happen but I want to know it right then and there and so I take out my phone and google the fucking plot summary instead of normally watching the movie like any other person would…

Yeeeah, I’ll give you a moment to take that in…

It is so absolutely and utterly stupid that I don’t even know myself how I can justify that in any way, shape or form. I don’t think you can. But the main problem is: I feel like it’s getting worse and worse. We basically have constant entertainment at our disposal. The Internet is filled with things that we can discover and oh yes… look… the approximately 6000th pin that I can save to one of my many boards, don’t mind if I do… Now, where was I? Dammit, got distracted again.

It’s so easy to fall into this trap of instant gratification, even if you’re actually looking forward to something else. Because why turn on the PC and start a game, when I have my phone right here, next to my cozy and warm bed, and I don’t even have to properly move in order to get it? And I would say that, as someone who is already succumbing to instant gratification when procrastinating on the things I have to do, it’s even easier to succumb to it in every other situation as well.

It’s insanely frustrating and the only real solution is to just stop doing it. There is no magic potion, no productivity tool, no “try this and all your problems will be a thing of the past” voodoo trick that will solve this issue, the same goes for procrastination. It’s all just mentality. That and the fight against the weaker self that you have to do over and over and over again until you finally come out on top for good.

sighs But hey, who knows maybe this year will finally be the one where I beat procrastination and everything it comes with for good – yeah, let’s all laugh together.

Anyways, I am gonna go now and make sure my procrastinating, instant gratification loving ass has less to procrastinate on. Take care everyone! ❤


Now reading through what I have just written, it almost seems as if my phone was the problem, but psssssh… let’s not go into that shall we?

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4 thoughts on “Instant Gratification Station

  1. Really interesting! I think a thing worth looking into woth regards to procrastination is decision fatigue. There’s been a bunch of research on this in the last decade or so, and it’s looking like a person only has so mich “decisionmaking”, and more precisely, the ability to make harder choices in them in a day. So, for example, if you have to decide about something that you deem very crucial in the morning, it’s much more likely that you are going to skip that decision later in the day; you might simply hang out and look at your phone (which requires no “decision” if you are already doing it) instead of taking out the trash. I like to imagine it sort of like a mana-meter in a video game, and understanding that has made it a little easier for me to set my days up in a way that prevents this phenomenon from impacting me too much (sometimes).

    Anyways, great reading from you again!

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to write such an insightful comment. ^-^ I have heard about decision fatigue before but I haven’t actually tried to set up my days that way. It’s definitely worth a shot, even if it won’t always be possible to stick to that.

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      1. i think that even if you’re unable to set your day up in a way that works around decision fatigue, it’s still a very helpful concept to keep in mind. As the day gets longer, the quality of your decision deteriorates, and (for me, at least) its nice to have a reminder that i shouldn’t hate myself because i’ve fucked around on my phone too long because humans are, in a way, hardwired not make great decisions after a while. While I dont think this should be an excuse to never do anything, I do believe its nice to remember that i’m not a piece of shit, i’m just loterally not built for a world that requires so many small actions in a day, and I can work around that😄


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