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Five Things Beginner Bullet Journalists Should Know

There are some things that I absolutely want you to know, when you first start out with Bullet Journaling, which is why I made this list, because I wanted to share my own experiences with you. 😊

1)Bullet Journaling is going to take some time to get used to.

You have to find out what works for you and what doesn’t and that could take some time. In fact, after a year of Bullet Journaling find I still find new ideas or spreads that I wanna try or I notice that certain spreads are no longer working for me, so I change them. So take your time, try and play around with the system and adapt it so it fits your needs. After all, the Bullet Journal is supposed to help you and not hinder you. 😊

2)You don’t have to be perfect!

When I first started out, I kept thinking to myself, “Oh, my spreads are never going to look as good as all of those that I see on Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram etc.” And yeah, they didn’t, at least not in the beginning. I didn’t know how to do calligraphy or draw/doodle certain things; I was a beginner and beginners aren’t perfect. I have talked about this in one of my previous posts (Putting myself out there) but I will mention it here again: Allow yourself to be a beginner, you will learn and you will improve, trust me, I have seen it with myself.

3)Start simple!

You don’t need fancy equipment or expensive colors to start Bullet Journaling. A pen and a simple notebook is enough. Granted, there are some supplies that you might want to look into once you start getting the hang of all of it, and if you’re interested I can make a post about what stationary and type of notebook I like to use but that’s for another time.
For now, all you need to know is that your spreads can look simple and that is okay. The most important thing for you is to make the system work for you. You can add in all the fancy stuff later, or not depending on what you prefer. πŸ˜„
A good bonus tip that I have for how you can make your spreads to still look amazing with little effort, are minimalist spreads. They often only require one accent color, one pen and maybe a ruler and they look fantastic!

4)Getting inspiration from other people is not only okay but can be insanely helpful!

There is no shame in not being creative. When you first look at your empty notebook it can be overwhelming to know what to do and how you want it too look. Going on websites like YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest can be super helpful to get inspired and find out what you want your journal to look like. Maybe you are a minimalist type or maybe you like colors and make your Bullet Journal as bright and colorful as possible. Maybe you’d like to try out a sleep tracker but you have no idea how to draw one. The possibilities are endless.
Bonus: If you want, you can check out my Pinterest board here. I have compiled over 400 pins on Bullet Journal spreads, calligraphy, handwriting, borders etc. and I’m constantly adding more so you’ll hopefully find something of interest to you there. 😊
As a second bonus I want to recommend AmandaRachLee’s YouTube Channel. If I had to name one person that really inspired me to start Bullet Journaling, it’s her! She does those great “Plan With Me” videos, that are super relaxing to watch even if you’re not Bullet Journaling yourself, so go and check her out! πŸ˜ƒ

5)Sticking to it might be hard but try nonetheless!

I know that it might be hard for you to stay consistent with it in the beginning, trust me it has been tricky for me as well but there are some tips and tricks I can give you that helped me stick to it in the past so, if you’re interested in that let me know and I’ll make a post about it in the future! 😊 However, I don’t remember where I have read that but I once read that it takes 3 weeks to get used to a habit and 3 months to integrate it into your daily life so much that you can’t not do it anymore and I’ve found that to be very true. After consistently doing it for 3 months I noticed that whenever I haven’t had the time to Bullet Journal – and yes those days do exist, so don’t beat yourself up over it 😊 – I actually got really unhappy, restless and unproductive. So, try to be consistent with it for three weeks first and then three months and you’ll see that it’s gonna get easier and easier to keep up with it.

So, these are my five things that I would want every beginner Bullet Journalist to know. If you have any questions or suggestions for future posts, feel free to leave me a comment down below! πŸ˜ƒ

Stay safe, everyone! ❀


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