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Day 2 – Good Habit Central

Day two of our challenge was filled with us picking up a lot more good habits and a lot of, let’s call it, “new year, new me” vibes (even though it’s obviously not the start of a new year, but I’m sure you know what I mean).

Getting Up and Morning Routines

Joan: “Getting up proved to be harder today. I am not entirely sure if that is because I didn’t sleep well or if my body has yet to get used to my new sleeping schedule.”

Me: Getting up for me was a bit easier than on day 1, probably because I actually slept through instead of staring at the ceiling for an hour at 2am, like the day before.

I now also have a morning routine – whoo go me I guess … Let’s just gloss over the fact that I am in fact a 24-year-old adult that definitely should have already had that but hey, better late than never, right? My morning routine now contains meditation, reading for 30 minutes and skincare. Three habits I absolutely wanted to pick up and put into my day regularly and they fit quite nicely in the morning .

No exercise yet, even though that’s the fourth habit that I want to pick up during this challenge, however, I don’t really yet know where in my day to put that. If any of you have any input on that, please let me know in the comments.


Our overall mood was again pretty much the same. It was good and I now was even more excited about this challenge than before because it allowed me to do stuff like meditate and read, since I had enough time on my hands to actually do so.


Joan: “I felt really productive today. I had two lectures to attend and I felt extremely accomplished after completing them. As always I cleaned the flat and decided to practice on my guitar skills and then let the day end with a bit of bullet journaling and a nice ‘cuppa tea’ (*Britishness intensifies*).”

Me: I again managed to get done with my work stuff pretty quickly. To be fair, it does help that this week seems to be a bit of slower week and there isn’t that much going on but I did all the stuff that I had to without procrastinating so that’s a huge plus right there. I then just used the rest of the day to relax, watch some videos and work on some personal stuff.


Joan: “Once again, I woke up having a good amount of energy but I had a down at 10-11am just like on day 1. Could be because of my lectures or because of my sleeping “transformation” and my body not quite yet knowing what’s going on. (My money is on the lecture though …¯\_(ツ)_/¯).”

Me: My sleepiness-level actually was very consistent during the day and I wasn’t really sleepy until I actually had to go to bed. At that point my body was like “it’s almost 12:30am, we go sleep now.”


Joan: “I felt rather motivated today. With each task I completed, I felt more and more motivated to do more. I felt drawn to a lot of creative tasks today, maybe to balance out the blandness of some lecture. (Definitely not looking at anyone in particular …. *cough*).”

Me: My motivation was alright.. I did get my work stuff done and kept writing stuff for the blog but other than that I didn’t really do as much personal project work as I would have liked to, but I was okay with that and tried not to be disappointed about it and instead celebrate the things that I did do. (Yay to a more positive mindset!)

Plans for the next few days

Joan: “I am going to try and minimize my use of my phone and such, especially when going to sleep. I want to try falling asleep without any background noise/just music and no talking, to see, if that makes me fall asleep quicker.”

Me: I also want to stop using my phone and particularly social media shortly before bed. To try and do that I want to try and read and/or meditate before bed as well because that usually helps me to wind down and get sleepy.

So, that’s day 2 done. So far, we have definitely have noticed some improvements straight away but it’s still too early to say anything conclusive. Let’s see how tomorrow goes!

Hopefully, I’ll see you there and as always stay safe and stay healthy ❤


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