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Day 3 – A lil bit of both

I know, I know, “wow Luna way to keep the title vague” but honestly, I don’t really know, how else to describe this day xD

Nighttime, Getting up and Morning Routine

Joan: “Waking up was the hardest so far today. I only really fell asleep at around 2am so that may be the reason why I really didn’t feel like getting up.”

As I mentioned, I tried to not listen to anything or at least not to anything with talking while falling asleep. Boy, when I tell you that this was hard…. I couldn’t do it. I had to resort to an episode of the “Harry Podcast” by Coldmirror, as I always love listening to her. Given that I have listened to that episode more times than I can count (yes, they are over an hour long, don’t at me), I wasn’t really paying attention to anything she said. 

Also, I must say that I am surprised how much “better” I have gotten at Yoga in that short amount of time, but it’s only a beginner course and I am already pretty flexible to begin with (weird FLEX [GET IT?] but ok 😅).”

Me: Getting up was a bit rough today cause I didn’t get my full 7,5 hours of sleep. (I know I sound like a whiny little baby right now, but being tired/ not having gotten enough sleep tends to put me in a real bitchy mood 😅). On that note, a while ago, I have started to actually pay attention to sleep cycles, which are 90 minutes long each and you should get at least 6 hours but maximum of 9 hours of sleep each night, in order to have a healthy sleep schedule; at least according to scientists. For me, I have figured out that the middle between these two, so 7,5 hours, works best, as I feel really well rested and tend to be able to keep my sleepiness in check during the whole day.

I have also started to actually get dressed and get ready for the day so that I could leave the house at any time. I figured out that it helps me be more productive and alert, if I don’t hang around in jogging pants all day and it feels almost like a reward to actually get changed into comfy clothes after having a productive day.


Joan: “My mood was pretty good overall. I felt a bit off right after waking up and it wasn’t that nice, but after I did my morning routine and got into my groove, I felt pretty good.” 

Me: I had a bit of an up and down on that day. I had to deal with some organisation stuff for university, which got me in a bad mood cause I figured out that there was still some stuff that had to be done, until I can finally start with the next step on my university education path, but there were also some good and positive things happening during the day, which kind of counterbalanced the negatives.


Joan: “I didn’t feel that productive today as I just attended the 2 lectures I had and washed/styled my hair. (Takes a long time so I felt pretty accomplished after that). I did my makeup and got “dressed up” because that’s usually what helps me get into a good mood and mindset.”

Me: I’d say my productivity was medium today. I did the stuff that I needed to do, but I found myself getting more distracted by things than I did the past two days. (*Procrastination is laughing in the shadows*).


Joan: “Just like the past 2 days, I had energy crash at around 10-11am but otherwise there was no no real change.”

Me: I did end up falling asleep for like 15-20 minutes in the afternoon, which I think was also influenced by how garbage the weather was that day, but I definitely felt a little bit more sleepy during the day in comparison to the past two days.


Joan: “Because I’m getting up way earlier than I usually would, I feel like I have way more time on my hands to actually do stuff and not feel guilty about using some of my time to relax or to do creative stuff. The day feels longer now and like there is a lot more potential to make use of. I felt motivated to “make myself pretty” (I am always pretty and so are all of you, but I digress) and participate in my classes today (talking in online classes…. the bane of my existence). All in all I think my motivation has kinda improved already at least from what I can tell so far into the challenge.”

Me: I kinda had a bit of a lack of motivation today. As I said, I did get the stuff that I had to do done, but I didn’t really feel like doing any personal stuff/projects. However, I do think that my bad mood is to blame for that. Also, it is okay to have bad days or days where you don’t feel that motivated and we should all accept that and be okay with that. We’re not machines after all 😊

And with that, boom, another day is done! I’m certainly curious to see what tomorrow brings 😄 Hopefully you’re still enjoying reading about our journey through this challenge and please make sure you stay safe and healthy! ❤


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