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Day 4 – Rock Bottom

This day… was certainly a day… Oh, who am I kidding, this day was an absolute wreck, for both of us ironically, but I did want to include it, so you can see that not every day goes as well as you think it will.

Nighttime, Getting Up and Morning Routines

Joan: “I gotta be honest. I feel like I already kinda failed the challenge a bit [please insert gif of Alfred here]. I didn’t wake up at 8 AM but overslept about half an hour. I attribute this to my bad sleep tho tbh. I went to bed at midnight, fell asleep at around 1 and woke up around 5 the first time (?) and 6:30 the second time (???). Nevertheless I still got my morning routine done and felt a bit better after completing it. Maybe my body is already kinda accustomed to my new rhythm (now watch my body screw it up for week two 😅).”

Me: Not gonna lie, I now know what people mean when they say that a ruined morning kinda equals a bad rest of a day, but let’s start with the morning. I got some annoying news from my university that sent me on a treasure hunt through the whole flat in order to look for something that I haven’t looked at in three years . Didn’t find it and got super worried about what that meant, only to find out that it wasn’t that important at all… 😒. That whole ordeal led to me not being able to do my morning routine at all, which made me realize how much I’ve already gotten used to it.


Joan: “I wasn’t in a bad mood per se, but I felt kinda disappointed in myself for not waking up on time (I know it’s a bit nitpicky but still. Sometimes I felt kinda aggravated and even lashed out a bit because of minor inconveniences but overall I wasn’t death on two legs (please tell me there is a Queen fan out there that gets it 😅). I just felt kinda discombobulated.”

Me: The best way how to describe my mood for that day is: all over the place. It started out with being angry and annoyed and only got to somewhat neutral after some meditation in the afternoon. I also wasn’t really satisfied with anything I did. In short: I didn’t handle my frustration well at all.


Joan: “As my energy was kinda absent today, I decided to postpone the two lectures I had today (they are asynchronous) and spend some time working on my Bullet Journal and on my guitar skills. This helped a bit with getting out of my funk.”

Me: Thankfully, I didn’t have much to do at work as my productivity was extremely low and I only did what was absolutely necessary.


Joan: “Yeah so sleepiness-level… IT’S OVER 9000 (too cliche?). No but seriously, I basically felt sleepy the entire day and even after my morning routine and the creative break, that didn’t change a lot. I’m really looking forward to going to sleep tonight and hope that I won’t wake up that often again.”

Me: Honestly? Couldn’t have said it better than Joan already did. I almost fell asleep several times during the day and felt extraordinarily exhausted as well. Don’t really know, if the weather or the general lack of motivation are to blame here but probably a combination of both.


Joan: “Not a lot of energy for me also equals not a lot of motivation. I didn’t really feel motivated to practice guitar or to Bullet Journal, but I know that it helps when I’m having a bad day so I decided to do that nonetheless.”

Me: Looking at the rest of the parameters today, it’s safe to say that my motivation was also kinda trash. I did get dressed and put some make-up on in the hopes that it would improve everything a little bit but while it helped a little, it did not do a whole lot.

So yeah, this was a indeed a day. But I hope that it helps you understand that not everything always goes according to plan and that there can be bad days. You can still learn something from bad days tho, so I’m kinda glad I do get to experience both the ups and the downs of this challenge.

Please make sure you stay safe and healthy and I’ll “see” you in the next blog post. ❤


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