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Days 5 -7 First Impressions and Thoughts for the next Week

Since the days are getting a little bit samey and I’m sure you’ve got better stuff to do, than reading the same stuff over and over again, I’ve decided to summarize the rest of the week.

After hitting rock bottom and genuinely having a bad day on day 4, things started to look up during the following days. Our mood was actually consistently good during the three days and we both were in a good headspace. Granted, it did help that it was the weekend as well, but we did keep going with our challenge and even managed to get up early on the weekend. Something I did not expect I would be able to keep up with because I’m the kind of person that loooves to sleep in on the weekends.

Productivity wise it’s also a little hard to say because we both didn’t really have much to do during the weekend, but Friday went down really well. I was super productive in doing my work tasks, a work call and Joan also got a boring lecture done and did some other stuff, such as setting up her weeklies for her Bullet Journal. We also both joined a two hour zoom event in the evening that day.

The most interesting thing that happened during those three days, however, has to be how we both slowly but surely adapted to the new getting up time, managed to keep our sleepiness levels more and more consistent overtime and Joan managed to completely overcome her usual energy crashes. I found myself often getting tired around the time that I should be going to bed, in order to be able to wake up rested, which is something I haven’t really experienced before. When my sleeping schedule was all over the place, so were my bed times (except for always consistently being past 2 am but ssssshhhh 🤫 we don’t need to talk about that).

So, where are we at the end of week one?

There have definitely been some improvements that both of us have seen. We have noticed some great changes in behavior and health; both mentally and physically and we are both excited to keep going. We even talked about how excited we are to get up even earlier the following week – like what? Who are we and what happened to us? xD

No, but in all seriousness, I am really glad we decided to do this and so is Joan as far as I know. We have discovered some things about us, our work-life balance and our relationship with procrastination that I know I wouldn’t have discovered, if it wasn’t for really giving this whole thing a shot.

There were definitely also some downs, some bad moments and some days where we instantly could have fallen back asleep but we pulled through so far and I am honestly proud of us for sticking with it. Let’s carry this spirit into the next week as well! 💪

So yeah, that was week one. I hope you enjoyed reading along with our journey and will join us next week as well when it’s 7 o’clock wake up time. Make sure you stay safe and healthy ❤


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