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Days 9- 14 – “7am, the usual morning lineup”

After 14 Days our challenge has come to an end. Here is the summary of how the second part of the challenge went: (Bonus points to whoever knows, what the title is from😄)

Getting up and Morning Routines

Our getting up- and morning routines stayed pretty much the same. Joan was definitely doing a bit better with staying on track than I was though. She only overslept once, which she wasn’t thrilled about at all, whereas I really struggled with going to bed and therefore also getting up on time. For me, going to bed at 11:30pm was just so early (yes, for someone that used to stay up until at least 2am but often longer, this is early, fight me xD).

Me not making it to bed on time also meant that I rarely actually got up at 7am; at least not during the first part of the week. By the second part I had kinda adjusted and now I actually do get tired around that time (is that a success? – I guess so 😅).


I feel like our mood hasn’t really changed that much over the past few weeks. Depending on what was happening or what we had to deal with each day, we either had good and excited days or bad ones (I mean, duh, like everybody else). However, something we have definitely both noticed, is that having a morning routine did help us to feel calmer, more centered and more ready to tackle the day ahead.

I also used meditation to help calm down when I was struggling with something during the day, which also worked out great.


We both have seen huge changes in regards to productivity. The days in general felt longer but not in a “ugh everything feels so slow” but rather in a “oh, I have so much time on my hands, what do I do with that” kind of way. Our morning routine helped us set the right tone for a productive day, but our productivity was of course also influenced by a bunch of other things, such as our mood and our sleepiness-level. However, I dare say that before the start of the challenge, my days were never as productive as they are now.

Starting early means getting done early and the feeling of getting done with the first chunk of work around midday, when before you had barely started around that time, (don’t look at me, I know it’s awful), is just absolutely incredible.


Our bodies again definitely took some time to get used to the new routine and our sleepiness-level reflected that. The first few days were a bit rough, but by mid-week, we had actually kinda gotten used to it again and our sleepiness-levels slowly but surely adjusted as well.


With the changes in productivity came changes in motivation. More productivity basically led to more motivation because we had so much time to be creative and to work on our personal projects. Of course, as with everything, there were some motivation downs, simply because some days are better than others, however, in general I felt like there were so many opportunities to be creative. The feeling of actually having the time to be creative because you already have done everything else that needs to be done, feels so much better than feeling guilty for procrastinating on the things you have to do, with the things you want to do.

On top of that, usually I feel guilty for veering off track and doing something else for an hour but with the amount of time I now have on hand every single day, it kinda felt much less detrimental to do so and I felt significantly less guilty about it. (Haven’t really figured out yet whether that’s actually a good thing or my procrastination habit just rubbing its hands together maliciously because now there is even more time to procrastinate).

Alright and that’s a wrap, everybody! Hm, this doesn’t quite have the same effect as it would if this was actually a movie but hey, we’re wrapping up this challenge so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. There will be one last “closing thoughts/plans for the future” sorta blog post, which I hopefully will be able to finish and post tomorrow, and then we really are completely done with this challenge.

Thank you so much, to everyone that has read, commented on or liked these posts and/or followed the blog, I really appreciate all of the support! ❤

As always, please stay healthy and safe and take care of yourself!


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