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The End but also a New Beginning?

I know the title might sound a bit dramatic but let me tell you, why it is fitting nonetheless:

After 14 days our challenge has come to an end. You already know that of course, if you have read the previous post, but in a way the challenge isn’t really over or at least the topic of it isn’t.

Joan and I have both decided that living this way is much, much better than our old habits were and while we sometimes struggled with the early get up times, we not only got used to it but also started to appreciate all the benefits that come with such a lifestyle change.

I decided to post one last post as part of this series and I asked Joan to give me a final statement, sort of her final thoughts on this challenge. Here is what she said:

I really enjoyed this challenge and I think I’m gonna keep doing most of the aspects of it. Although it has really been hard in the beginning to make myself get up at those “ungodly” hours, I’ve really grown to like it 🙂 

There are definitely some things I want to keep doing besides getting up early, such as making my bed first thing in the morning, yoga, skincare and meditation (kinda wanna try some different ones)

Something I definitely want to stop doing is using my phone a lot in the morning (especially after I’m done with my morning stuff – I think my brain sees this as a sort of treat) 

There are also some things that I want to add to my routine: evening yoga and a more closing evening routine in general (I’m thinking about a nice cuppa tea and maybe getting myself to read for like 30 minutes before bed or something like that, but we’ll see), Maybe a daily walk since I don’t go outside a lot (rrrrRRoooooooOnNaa …. and anxiety mixed with a healthy dose of introversion 👍)

To be honest, I kinda had my doubts about how good I would do in this challenge and if I had enough motivation to keep pushing through. And I have to say, I really surprised myself and I am proud of pushing through it. Even though some days were hard and my energy levels were low, I still kept at it. The day feels much more useful and I actually feel more responsible and mature now than I did before. Last but not least, one of my favorite things in this challenge has got to be the morning atmosphere (the sun just rising, birds chirping and sitting down with a nice cup of coffee while you are listening to the radio and just  ✨EXIST✨- it’s just 👌)”

My thoughts about this challenge are very similar. I love to sleep in and getting up at 8 am and then later at 7 am felt daunting at first, to say the least. So you can imagine my surprise, when it ended up being not as difficult as I thought it would be. Despite struggling with it at first, my body seemed to notice that I was doing something healthy to it and it responded super positively to it. (Newsflash: Doing something that is considered to be healthy actually has a positive impact on your body and your health – who would have thought 🙄)

No, but in all seriousness, I am glad I wasn’t alone in doing this challenge. Having someone else to talk to about it and holding each other accountable for keeping up with it, really helped me with pushing through and not immediately going back to old habits, when things got a bit rough. So I want to thank Joan once more for doing this with me and keeping me motivated throughout this challenge. 💪

I will also keep most of the habits that I have picked up, in order to make sure they stay part of my morning routine and not just stuff I do every once in a while. Those are meditation first thing in the morning, reading for 30 minutes a day (not sure if I will keep doing it in the mornings but so far it actually has worked out quite well) and skincare and of course getting up early (duh). However, since I work from home and my days tend to be very samey, I think I won’t be so strict about in on the weekends because I want to have this distinction between the week and the weekends. Admittedly, this is also because I don’t think I will be able to sustain it otherwise.

There is one habit that I definitely have picked up during this challenge that I want to get rid off again asap, and that is, staying in bed on my phone after I have done my meditation and my reading. I’m thinking of maybe changing my routine a little bit so that I do my skincare and everything else before I do meditation and reading, cause then I will already be up and hopefully won’t feel the need of wanting to laze in bed.

I also want to add two habits. Both of which are things I don’t really enjoy but I know are healthy for me so I should definitely add them regularly: those two things are cooking and exercising. I think those two things are self-explanatory healthy habits that I don’t need to go into about why they are important.

All in all, it was a fun challenge and I can definitely recommend doing something like this, if you feel like you don’t get enough out of a day. And here is why the title fits this scenario well: It is the end of a challenge but for both Joan and I it is also a new beginning of at least a healthier sleeping schedule, if not anything else.

I hope you enjoyed reading along and are maybe inspired to do something similar. If these posts did inspire you to try this out yourself, let me know in the comments how it goes. I love reading all of your comments😊 I also want to thank everybody that has read, liked, commented or followed these posts! I am glad you enjoyed them. Btw I have figured out a regular posting schedule now, so let’s hope I’ll be able to stick to it 😅

So talk to you guys soon, and of course, please make sure you stay healthy and safe! ❤


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